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Once you submit your idea, it goes through a thorough, multi-level review process.  Our matching process is all done by our staff to ensure your idea is in the best hands possible.   An idea is paired with a CEO every month so please do not get discouraged if you don’t hear anything in first few months.


All CEOs sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the security of your idea.  If your is successfully paired with a CEO for development we will notify you via email.  We will keep you appraised of the incorporation process to ensure you are issued your well-earned equity appropriately.


We aim to get you 10% of the founder’s shares but that may be subject to change dependent on negotiations and unusual circumstances.  If you ever change your mind and want to develop your concept, just let us know and we will make you the CEO of your own company to evolve your idea into a successful business.  Again, we thank you for trusting us.




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